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Opening of Hai Phong Labor Union’s 2024 Tet Market
On January 24th evening, at the Vietnam-Czechoslovakia Labour Culture Palace, Hai Phong City’s Youth Union hosted the opening ceremony of the “Hai Phong Labour Union’s 2024 Tet Market,” with the presence of Mr. Huynh Thanh Xuan–Vice Chairman of Vietnam’s General Labour Union; Mr. Le Tri Vu–Member from the Standing Board of the city’s Party Committee and Head of the city’s Public Mobilization Committee.
Khai mạc “Chợ Tết Công đoàn thành phố Hải Phòng năm 2024”


2024 marked the second year Hai Phong City’s Labour Union hosted a Tet Market with 200 commercial stalls of over a hundred businesses and business households from 30+ provinces and cities nationwide. More than 3,000 high-quality products and OCOP products varying from food, local specialities, artisanal goods like pottery, paintings, clothing, and Tet games were present at the market to provide for the Union’s members and workers’ Lunar New Year necessities throughout the city, with a price reduction guarantee ranging from 5 to 30%. 

The Labor Union’s Tet Market seeks to help members, labourers and business owners be more aware of their roles and obligations to the Union, encouraging the labourers to work at better productivity and quality as well as strengthening the bond between them and the businesses. The market is also an opportunity to introduce and advertise high-quality Vietnamese products from domestic businesses to workers, Union members and public organizations in the city.

At this year’s Tet Market, the city’s Labor Union promotes the usage of digital measures vigorously in the union’s activities, giving out 5,000 discount vouchers of 200,000 dong to 5000 workers and public employees who live in difficult circumstances visiting and making purchases at the Fair via the mobile app “Hướng Công - Công đoàn Hải Phòng” (“For the Labourers - Hai Phong Labour Union” in English). The workers can easily use the vouchers on their smartphones, scan the QR codes in the app, and make payments with the businesses for their purchases./.

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