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  • Schools To Strengthen Promoting Traffic Safety


    To mitigate traffic accidents in 2024, the Chairman of the Hai Phong City Peoples Committee has issued directives to various units and localities, outlining several measures. There is a specific instruction for the Department of Education and Training and Peoples Committees of districts to promote and enhance students’ awareness when participating in traffic activities further.

  • Vinh Khe Communal House Wrestling Festival Kicks Off


    In the exciting atmosphere of the early days of spring, the Peoples Committee of An Duong district (Hai Phong City) has just organized the opening ceremony of the 2024 Traditional Wrestling Festival of Vinh Khe village, An Dong commune. Mr. Le Anh Quan, Member of the Hai Phong City’s Standing Committee, Standing Vice Chairman of Hai Phong Peoples Committee, and a large number of locals and tourists joined the opening ceremony.

  • First Scribing Festival In Mac Dynasty Memorial


    On February 15th (January 6th per Lunar Calendar), the Kien Thuy District People’s Committee, held the ceremony for the Vietnamese tradition of first penning at the Mac Dynasty Memorial in Ngu Doan commune, Kien Thuy District.

  • Boat Racing Festival For Lunar New Year Attracts Thousands


    On February 14th morning (Lunar January 5th), at Truyen Thuyet Lake in Dragon Ocean International Resort, the Boat Racing Festival celebrating the Party and Lunar New Year of the Dragon was held with the presence of thousands of locals and tourists.

  • Vietnamese Tet In the Eyes Of Expats


    After many years of living in Vietnam, many foreigners have considered the Vietnamese Tet holiday a memorable experience. In the traditional Tet atmosphere of Vietnam in a dynamic and friendly coastal city, many foreigners get to understand more about the unique culture of Vietnamese people and develop a deeper love for the port city.

  • Welcoming Tet In Hai Phong City


    Our beloved country and homeland of Vietnam has entered a new spring of the Dragon 2024 with hope for a new year with many new successes. Sharing the joy of welcoming the spring, The year 2023 in Hai Phong City was filled with difficulties, hardships, and many challenges. Still, with constant efforts, the city’s Party Committee, government, army, and people have achieved many respectable and proud results.

  • Art Programs To “Welcome The Year Of The Dragon 2024” In Hai Phong City


    To blend into the joyous Tet atmosphere, on February 9th (December 30th per Lunar Calendar), Hai Phong City’s Culture Center hosted the Art Program “Welcoming the Year of the Dragon 2024” at the City Theater Square and the Vietnam-Czechoslovakia Friendship Labor Cultural Palace.

  • Bustling Spring Flower Markets on Hai Phong Streets


    The Lunar New Year is the most important annual holiday for Vietnamese people. Every family decorates their house to welcome the new Spring with flowers and ornamental plants, which are indispensable items to seek fortune. As the shopping atmosphere becomes bustling, the most exciting sector is still the spring flower markets.

  • Art Program In Preparation To Welcome 2024’s Lunar New Year


    To prepare for the New Years art program, the artists and actors of the Hai Phong Music and Dance Troupe and the art crew are urgently practicing to ensure the quality of the performances.

  • The Communist Party Of Vietnam - Historical Springs Exhibition


    At the City Information, Exhibition and Cinema Center, the Department of Culture and Sports and the Hai Phong Journalists Association have coordinated to open the photo and documentary exhibition in celebration of the 94th anniversary of the Communist Party of Vietnam and welcome the Lunar New Year of the Dragon with the theme: “Communist Party of Vietnam - Historical springs” and “Hai Phong shines as a heritage region.”

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