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  • Cat Hai District Dragon Boat Race–2nd Hai Phong Newspaper Cup


    On March 31st afternoon, the Cat Hai district dragon boat race - 28th Hai Phong Newspaper Cup officially took place at the central bay of Cat Ba town. The tournament attracted a large number of athletes, tourists, and local people.

  • 2024 Cat Ba Tourism Season Kicks Off


    On March 31st evening, an exciting art program themed Green Cat Ba 2024, celebrating the 65th anniversary of Uncle Hos visit to Cat Hai and the opening of Cat Ba tourism season in 2024, officially took place at the central square of the Cat Ba tourist area.

  • Cat Ba Hot Air Balloon Festival 2024


    Cat Ba Hot Air Balloon Festival 2024 is a part of the activities to commemorate the 65th anniversary of Uncle Hos visit to Cat Hai and the opening of Cat Ba tourism’s 2024 season.

  • Cat Hai District Traditional Festival 2024


    From March 25th to 31st, the Cat Hai District Traditional Festival 2024 is taking place with many unique cultural, artistic, and sports activities. The festival celebrates the 65th anniversary of Uncle Hos visit to Cat Hai and the opening of Cat Ba tourism in 2024. Thanks to thorough preparation, Cat Hai district is ready for one of its largest festivals with many unique and impressive highlights, contributing to creating an exciting and vibrant atmosphere towards the Haiphong Red Flamboyant Flower Festival 2024 themed “Hai Phong - Brightening the land of heritage.”

  • Cat Ba Trade - Tourism - Seafood Fair 2024


    The number of diverse booths with high-quality display products and reasonable prices has attracted a large number of tourists and people of the Cat Hai district. It is the new and outstanding feature at the Cat Ba Trade - Tourism and Seafood Fair in 2024.

  • Developing Eco-Friendly Tourism


    Developing tourism associated with environmental protection is one of the necessary solutions for Hai Phong City to build green and sustainable tourism. Tourism development creates many economic benefits but also causes pressure on the natural and social environment.

  • Ancient Space In The Heart Of Hai Phong City


    Hai Phong City has been more jubilant and exciting in the festival atmosphere of Female General Le Chan, the female warrior who helped the Trung sisters fight foreign invaders during 40-42 AD and reclaimed the ancient An Bien village. A space for ancient culture has been recreated around the monument of female general Le Chan with many activities to celebrate and respond to the 2024 General Le Chan Festival.

  • Cat Hai District Sets Target Of 3.6 Million Visits In 2024


    In 2024, Cat Hai district strives to welcome 3.6 million tourists, and the revenue from accommodation and food services reached 3,295 billion VND.

  • Vinh Khe Communal House Wrestling Festival Kicks Off


    In the exciting atmosphere of the early days of spring, the Peoples Committee of An Duong district (Hai Phong City) has just organized the opening ceremony of the 2024 Traditional Wrestling Festival of Vinh Khe village, An Dong commune. Mr. Le Anh Quan, Member of the Hai Phong City’s Standing Committee, Standing Vice Chairman of Hai Phong Peoples Committee, and a large number of locals and tourists joined the opening ceremony.

  • Hai Phong City Welcomed More Than 125,000 Visitors During Tet


    According to statistics, this Tet holiday, Hai Phong City welcomed about 125,800 tourists, an increase of 46% compared to 2023’s Lunar New Year, of which there were about 16,800 international visitors and 107,200 domestic visitors.

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