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Ancient Space In The Heart Of Hai Phong City
Hai Phong City has been more jubilant and exciting in the festival atmosphere of Female General Le Chan, the female warrior who helped the Trung sisters fight foreign invaders during 40-42 AD and reclaimed the ancient An Bien village. A space for ancient culture has been recreated around the monument of female general Le Chan with many activities to celebrate and respond to the 2024 General Le Chan Festival.
Sôi nổi các hoạt động văn nghệ, thể thao, trò chơi dân gian hưởng ứng Lễ hội  truyền thống Nữ tướng Lê Chân năm 2024


Visiting guests can enjoy unique local products and many other interesting spiritual dishes. The thatched-roof country market stalls and familiar images of ancient Vietnamese villages will help visitors recall the taste of the city’s traditional foods. Ca tru tally card singing, Xam singing, the beauty of calligraphy art, and traditional To He clay figurines enriched the rural market space and spread joy. Folk games area with many organized and recreated games such as Vietnamese mancala, skipping rope, war-of-tug, or human chess are also interesting experiences for many people, especially for children, bringing childhood memories to participating adults. Everyone is happy when joining in the ancient cultural space in the warm and cheerful spring weather./.

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