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Vicem Hai Phong Strives For 2,655 Tons Of Cement In Output
Vicem Hai Phong Cement Limited Company recently organized a meeting to summarize and assess the results of implementing tasks in 2023 and to deploy tasks in 2024. Mr. Nguyen Duc Tho, Vice Chairman of Hai Phong City Peoples Committee, attended the meeting.

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In 2023, Vicem produced 1,266 million tons of cement clinker in total, equal to 97% of the plan; consumption output is more than 2,584 million tons, reaching 89% of the year plan. Vicem Hai Phong Cement company has maintained stable jobs and income for nearly 750 employees with an average salary of 18.9 million VND/person/month. The result demonstrates the hardship of Vicem Hai Phong Cement Co. Ltd., with domestic and foreign market demand sharply decreasing. Initially, in 2024, the business expects to produce 1,122 million tons of clinker with a consumption output estimated to reach 2,655 million tons.

Showing high regard for all the results of the Company's production and business activities in 2023 that contributed to the overall development of the city, Vice Chairman of Hai Phong City People's Committee Nguyen Duc Tho expressed that in 2024, the city will continue to deploy many infrastructure, transportation and social housing construction projects, while the demand for civil construction tends to increase, which is an opportunity for the company to approach and promote product consumption and improve production and business efficiency. The Vice Chairman also requested the company to forecast the situation closely, continue promoting technical innovation initiatives toward green production, save raw materials and minimize environmental impacts, pay attention to the living standards of employees, reinforce labor emulation movements in the company, as well as create a vibrant production atmosphere right from the beginning of the new year./.

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