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Thursday, March 23 2023    |    Vietnamese

Progress Of Tam Bac River Refurbishment Project Phase 2
With a total investment of more than 557 billion VND from the city budget, the Tam Bac River Refurbishment Project phase 2, the section from Lac Long Bridge to Hoang Van Thu Bridge, is identified as a prominent project and needs high concentration to complete according to the plan.

Hải Phòng đầu tư hơn 557 tỷ đồng tiếp tục chỉnh trang sông Tam Bạc

At the section of Lac Long bridge, the contractor has completed driving riverbank embankment piles with a length of nearly 500m, and at the same time, reaching 98% of the embankment pile cap beams. Digging a foundation of about 600m long with a depth of more than 4 meters, pouring stones and more than 700 stone embankments on the riverbank, and constructing mass-drilled soil-cement piles using the deep mixing drilling method.

The other sections are also being focused on, which have fundamentally completed the water supply, wastewater drainage, and communication systems from Cu Chinh Lan Street to the intersection of Ben Binh Street and Cam Riverside Road. With the entire river embankment length of 819m, the completion of the Tam Bac River embellishment project phase 2 (section from Lac Long bridge to Hoang Van Thu bridge) will contribute to improving connectivity and perfecting the transportation system, urban embellishment of the city central, building the core of a modern, civilized city.

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