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Preparing Flowers For Upcoming Tet Decoration
With over two weeks left until 2024’s Lunar New Year of Dragon, it is also the busiest time for officials, workers, and employees of businesses and units managing flower gardens, parks, and green trees in Hai Phong City. The flowers are being prepared for Tet decoration, ensuring sufficient quantity and quality to create a colorful Hai Phong urban area during the Lunar New Year.

Giám sát việc thực hiện trang trí hoa, cây cảnh, chiếu sáng, môi trường, đảm bảo an toàn giao thông dịp Tết Nguyên đán Quý Mão năm 2023


At the nursery garden of Haiphong Green Park Joint Stock Company, many flower varieties are being cared for and planted by workers and technical staff. However, the unfavorable weather has also affected the growth of flower plants.

According to the plan, park flower gardens, the city center route, flagpole yards, median strips of major and model roads, traffic islands, and city entrances will be embellished with flowers and ornamental plants. Each location has a unique design and scale to create highlights for the city on the first days of the lunar new year. The essential flower sources are currently ready for use, which ensures the sufficient quantity and quality of floral decorations. On major roads, workers are installing artificial flower frames. According to the plan, from Lunar December 15th, the flowers will be delivered to decoration spots. All floral embellishments will be completed before the 23rd of Lunar December./.

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