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Thursday, March 23 2023    |    Vietnamese

Labor Market Flourishes In The Year-Ending Months Of 2023
By early August, the labor market in Hai Phong City was substantially considered stable. The forecast predicted that the local labor market would get more positive in the last months of the year.

Thực trạng phát triển hệ thống thông tin thị trường lao động ở Việt Nam giai đoạn vừa qua


The employment of workers in industrial parks has improved compared to the first few months of the year. Yet, many businesses in An Duong and Dinh Vu Industrial Parks still need to recruit workers to meet production requirements in the coming months. Despite signs of recovery of businesses in the industrial park, labor employment faces difficulties due to the salary not being as attractive as before and the fact that workers cannot make enough to live. So they look for other jobs or go closer to home to find work.

Hai Phong City’s Confederation of Labor will continue to direct local trade unions to proactively grasp the market and actively forecast the situation to give advice and propose competent agencies to resolve petitions and problems of workers, especially for businesses that are facing difficulties. The confederation will also provide specific forms of care and timely support for workers who lose their jobs./.

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