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Increased Demand For Seasonal Labor Recruitment
At the end of the year, many units in various fields have increased recruitment of labor, especially seasonal labor, to meet the business and production needs in the last months of the year.

Thông tin về nhu cầu tuyển dụng lao động của các doanh nghiệp trong Khu công nghiệp, Khu kinh tế (Đợt 1, tháng 6/2023)


According to experts, the increased demand for labor is an opportunity for students to find quality part-time jobs to improve their qualifications and skills. Besides the trade and service sector, businesses in other fields, such as law, education, and training, are also looking for labor. Demand for seasonal labor recruitment at the end of the year is estimated to increase by 30% compared to mid-year. The season is considered an easier time for workers to find jobs./.

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