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Haiphong University Strives To Become A Key University
Starting from the goal of building Haiphong Unversity into an International center for education, training, research, application and scientific technology development and marine economy according to the spirit of Resolution No. 45/2019 of the Politburo and Resolution of the 16th Hai Phong Party Congress for the 2020-2025 term, Haiphong Party Committee and the city Peoples Committee have assigned Hai Phong University to develop the project Innovation and development of Hai Phong University until 2030, vision to 2045.
Trường Đại học Hải Phòng khẩn trương khắc phục các vi phạm về phòng cháy  chữa cháy, sớm đưa ký túc xá trở lại hoạt động


Hai Phong University currently has 32 affiliated units with 754 officials and employees, of which nine have associate professor degrees, 97 doctors, 407 masters, and the rest have bachelor's degrees. The university’s full-time teaching staff includes 417 people, accounting for 55% of the total number of officials and workers. Haiphong University passed the first cycle of educational institution quality accreditation in 2018 and is preparing for the second accreditation. However, the number of accredited training programs is still modest, with 10% (3/32 programs). The overall goal set by the university by 2025 is to amend and innovate internal regulations, improve training quality, and increase the proportion of lecturers who are associate professors, have Ph.D. degrees, and can use foreign languages. The establishment aims to be the largest and most prestigious university in the Northern Coastal region by 2030 with synchronous and modern facilities; some training programs are taught 100% in English, a leading regional university in Vietnam by 2045, achieving a positive average ranking in Southeast Asia. However, assessing the unit’s current state, Haiphong University still has a lot of work to do. 

In the coming time, Haiphong University will continue to overcome difficulties, improve its quality, unify in leadership and direction, and promote achievements over the past year to deserve the city's key university with a history of nearly 65 years./.

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