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Thursday, March 23 2023    |    Vietnamese

Hai Phong City Continues To Attract Sustainable FDI
With a flexible and selective investment attraction strategy, moving from breadth to depth, Hai Phong City has continuously welcomed many large-scale FDI projects in the global product chain of well-reputed corporations. The achievements are mainly thanks to the city's efforts in the right direction. Our reporters have more.

Quy định quản lý tạm trú đối với người làm việc tại doanh nghiệp trong các khu công nghiệp, khu kinh tế trên địa bàn thành phố Hải Phòng



Since the beginning of the year, Hai Phong City has continuously maintained its position in the top localities in attracting foreign direct investment. Last August alone, Hai Phong attracted 79 million USD, including seven new projects and three projects adjusted to increase capital. In the first eight months of this year, Hai Phong has granted 45 new FDI projects with a total investment of nearly 2.1 billion USD and 11 DDI projects amassing approximately 15 trillion VND (about 600 million USD), far exceeding the revenue target of FDI attraction this year four months ahead.

The breakthrough investment attraction results in recent years are attributed to the close attention and direction of Hai Phong City’s Party Committee, the city People's Committee, and the entire political system's determination to improve the business and investment environment. Hai Phong Economic Zone Authority HEZA has continuously and actively taken activities to promote the investment environment of Hai Phong city. During the investment promotion visit to Korea and Japan last June,  the city’s leaders and heads of major Korean corporations co-signed many memorandums of understanding. Immediately after the working visit, many projects have continuously flocked to Hai Phong City. Another Korean project will hopefully receive an investment registration certification of up to hundreds of millions of US dollars tomorrow.

Korea is currently the leading country in the number of projects and investment capital among the 42 countries and territories registered to invest in Hai Phong City, with a total budget of nearly 10 billion USD. They have mainly invested in economic zones and industrial parks, accounting for about 41% of the total FDI capital in this area, with the presence of the world's leading names such as LG, Heesung, and Haengsung. ./.

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