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Thursday, March 23 2023    |    Vietnamese

Ensuring Traffic Safety In The Seaport Area
Dinh Vu area, Hai An district is home to many seaports and connected to many key traffic routes, so container truck traffic is heavily crowded. Therefore, the Traffic Police Department has arranged forces and synchronously deploys professional measures to minimize collisions and traffic accidents on routes and areas.

Bảo đảm an toàn giao thông khu vực Đình Vũ


Every day on Route 356 - Dinh Vu, thousands of container trucks circulate, interwoven with many other types of vehicles, so the potential risk of traffic accidents is alarmingly high. To contribute to positive changes and persistently build culture and awareness of traffic safety, Traffic Police Team No. 4 of the Traffic Police Department under Hai Phong City Police has arranged working groups to supervise the adhesion of road traffic laws and legal regulations regularly.

To achieve the goal of reducing traffic accidents in all three criteria from 5 to 10% this year, in addition to the participation of local police and units, the Traffic Police Department has arranged three mobile working groups to carry out speed violation control, inspect container trucks and check the load. The most important thing is that businesses, drivers, and people need to raise awareness of traffic safety./.

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