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Ensuring Stability Of Commodity Market During Lunar New Year
There are only two weeks left until the Lunar New Year 2024, and the commodity market is starting to feel vibrant with many types of products. Therefore, the functional forces must strengthen solutions to fulfill consumer needs at the year-end.

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The Department of Industry and Trade has implemented a plan to stabilize the market of food and essential products in the city at the end of the year and during the Lunar New Year, ensuring the products’ quality and quantity as well as the supply-demand balance in the city.

The market management forces have strengthened monitoring and solutions at public markets and commercial centers for all types of goods, promoting and raising awareness of businesses and business households firmly in ensuring the products’ quality, origin, and price.

Besides reinforcing the prevention of smuggling and trade fraudulence, the forces also control the supply-demand balance and ensure the quantity and price of goods. The units promptly update the market situation and advise on measures to manage, operate, and stabilize the market, avoiding unusual fluctuations affecting socio-economic life, strictly implementing Directive 01 of the Ministry of Finance on strengthening management and stabilizing prices during the upcoming Lunar New Year./.

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