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Enhancing Values Of Products Via Traceability
According to the development trend of the market, in addition to requirements for product quality, consumers want to know more about the process of production, packaging, and transportation to display on shelves, especially products that directly affect health, such as food and pharmaceutical products. Hence, traceability gradually became a mandatory standard because of its practical benefits.

Triển khai hoạt động truy xuất nguồn gốc sản phẩm, hàng hóa thuộc lĩnh vực ngành Công Thương


Producers in the food industry are increasingly interested in attaching traceability stamps to their products. Many businesses have focused on building unique identification stamps. Not only does it change people's consumption habits, traceability also transforms the direction of production, aiming to satisfy markets with high demands on quality standards.

The Department of Science and Technology has proposed a list of product groups and priority products to support the pilot development and application of a traceability system connected to the National Origin Traceability Portal for major products, ensuring consistency and efficiency of funding sources in traceability activities.

From now until 2025, the Department of Science and Technology will connect 50 products to the National Origin Traceability Portal annually. The goal by 2030 is to complete the database system tracing products’ origin to ensure the information exchange and exploitation needs of businesses, organizations, and individuals in Hai Phong City, Vietnam, and foreign markets./.

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