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Agreements On Content Of The 14th Session Of Hai Phong City Peoples Council
This morning, the Standing Committee of the Hai Phong Peoples Council convened to finalize the agenda for the upcoming 14th Session (Thematic Session) of the 16th City Peoples Council. Mr. Pham Van Lap, Member of the Standing Committee of the City Party Committee and Chairman of the City Peoples Council, chaired the meeting.



The 14th working session (Thematic Session) of Hai Phong City People's Council will deliberate and decide on eight proposed agenda items during its upcoming meeting. Currently, six out of eight items have already been submitted to the City People's Council, which include the Decision regarding the policy of changing the land use purpose for renovating and embellishing the banks of the Cam River, specifically the section from the Ruot Lon River intersection to the end bank of Vu Yen island; the Decision on the investment policy for the project to construct roads behind ports No. 3 to 6 in the Lach Huyen port area; Plans for utilizing rewarding sources that often exceed revenue estimates, to be divided between the central and local budgets, and reinvesting under a special mechanism in 2022; Adjustments and additions to the list of investment projects requiring land revoke, along with the expected level of state budget capital allocated for compensation and site clearance in the city in 2024; Soliciting opinions on the investment policy for the Hai Phong city development project to adapt to climate change; Election of additional members to the City People's Committee. The session agreed to remove content related to supplementing the list of projects for changing the use purpose of rice cultivation land and protective forest land in the city in 2024, replaced by a report on the Militia and Self-Defense Squadron. The 14th session working (Thematic Session) of the 16th Hai Phong People's Council is scheduled for March 4th, 2024./.






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