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Vinh Khe Communal House Wrestling Festival Kicks Off
In the exciting atmosphere of the early days of spring, the Peoples Committee of An Duong district (Hai Phong City) has just organized the opening ceremony of the 2024 Traditional Wrestling Festival of Vinh Khe village, An Dong commune. Mr. Le Anh Quan, Member of the Hai Phong City’s Standing Committee, Standing Vice Chairman of Hai Phong Peoples Committee, and a large number of locals and tourists joined the opening ceremony.


The traditional wrestling festival of Vinh Khe village, An Dong commune, and An Duong district is the national intangible cultural heritage. This year's festival attracts nearly 150 athletes in 10 teams from clubs and sports centers in the provinces and cities of Hanoi, Bac Ninh, Ninh Binh, and districts in the city.

At Vinh Khe Village's Traditional Wrestling Festival, visitors can also immerse themselves in folk games and enjoy unique cultural and artistic programs as well as worship, go sightseeing, and offer incense to the village tutelary god to pray for health and peace in the new year.

Vinh Khe Village’s Traditional Wrestling Festival revives An Duong district’s values, traditions, and customs–rich in martial spirit and revolutionary traditions. The participating athletes have the opportunity to win one First prize worth 20 million VND, one Second prize worth 15 million VND, and four Third prizes worth 5 million VND. In addition to the awards from the Organizing Committee, the wrestlers have received timely support and encouragement from the audience, thereby creating a lively and exciting atmosphere in each match./.



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