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Vietnamese Tet In the Eyes Of Expats
After many years of living in Vietnam, many foreigners have considered the Vietnamese Tet holiday a memorable experience. In the traditional Tet atmosphere of Vietnam in a dynamic and friendly coastal city, many foreigners get to understand more about the unique culture of Vietnamese people and develop a deeper love for the port city.


On his company's day off, Mr. Sato Toshiharu, a Japanese person who has been in Hai Phong City for many years, walked around the main streets with his colleagues, watching the city’s people bustling with joy to welcome Tet. Unlike the usual hurrying state, the people are immersing themselves in the presence of the year’s biggest holiday. Enjoying flowers and landscapes and watching the streets are also special pleasures every spring. 

Many people in the city celebrate Tet by cherishing the moments of reunion and enjoying the Lunar New Year holiday. Young people like to take souvenir photos on this occasion when the city is splendid with flags and flowers. 

Having lived in Vietnam for nearly ten years, despite having experienced many Vietnamese Tets, Mr. Sato always has different feelings each year. Hai Phong City is renovating strongly to become a city worth living in and a favorite destination for many foreigners, not only because of its impressive development growth but also because of its unique cultural features and hospitality for the guests. That's why more and more investors and foreigners come to work, study, live, and have long-term relationships. They consider Hai Phong as their second homeland. Therefore, the Vietnamese Lunar New Year becomes a bridge for the friendship between the two peoples./.

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