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Schools To Strengthen Promoting Traffic Safety
To mitigate traffic accidents in 2024, the Chairman of the Hai Phong City Peoples Committee has issued directives to various units and localities, outlining several measures. There is a specific instruction for the Department of Education and Training and Peoples Committees of districts to promote and enhance students’ awareness when participating in traffic activities further.
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The Chairman of the City People's Committee has assigned the city’s Department of Education and Training, along with the People's Committees of districts, to instruct the Departments of Education and Training to proactively conduct unexpected inspections at high schools’ parking lots to identify students using motorbikes with engines over 50cc. If a student is found violating the regulation, the school and principal will not be eligible for any rewards due to their role in allowing the violation to occur. In alignment with the directives of the City People's Committee, the Department of Education and Training in Hong Bang district and its nine wards have concentrated their efforts on popularizing and inspecting statuses of traffic safety at schools, focusing on educating students to strictly adhere to traffic safety laws, particularly refraining from using motorbikes over 50cc and avoiding reckless driving or racing. No student was found using motorbikes with engines over 50cc during inspections at many schools in Hong Bang district, indicating that students have diligently complied with the school's traffic safety regulations./.

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