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Bustling Spring Flower Markets on Hai Phong Streets
The Lunar New Year is the most important annual holiday for Vietnamese people. Every family decorates their house to welcome the new Spring with flowers and ornamental plants, which are indispensable items to seek fortune. As the shopping atmosphere becomes bustling, the most exciting sector is still the spring flower markets.


Kien An spring flower market is held on Tran Thanh Ngo Street, Chieu Hoa Street, and the area in front of the Multi-purpose Sports Stadium. These are familiar destinations for people in the district every Tet holiday and spring. According to consumer reviews, this year, prices are stable and suitable for each person's choices and economic conditions.

As one of the nine spring flower market locations for the Lunar New Year 2024 in the Le Chan district, the number of people visiting and shopping on both sides of Ho Sen - Cau Rao II also increased sharply. The flower and ornamental plants at the market are abundant in quantity and diverse in type, meeting the needs of the people.

The most exciting spring flower market is on Le Hong Phong Street in Ngo Quyen and Hai An districts. The booths are arranged professionally and reasonably, and the business households follow the diagram, displaying goods aesthetically, creating an airy and convenient space for people to visit and shop. Functional units and market management boards are on duty 24/7, ensuring security and order, traffic safety, environmental sanitation, and fire and explosion prevention.

Spring flower markets in the city will end on the evening of the Lunar December 30th. The local authorities directed assigned forces to dismantle booths, clean, and spray water to wash the sidewalks, creating a spacious, clean, and beautiful landscape to welcome the new year./ 

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