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Thursday, March 23 2023    |    Vietnamese

Ensuring Passenger Transport Safety During the Holiday
This year's National Day holiday of September 2nd lasts four consecutive days, which will increase people's travel demand. Proactively serving the maximum travel needs of the people and ensuring traffic safety are the goals of wharf and passenger transport businesses. 

Công an quận Hồng Bàng: Tăng cường công tác bảo đảm an toàn giao thông đối với hoạt động vận tải hành khách bằng xe ô tô

Since yesterday, the number of passengers going home by train and bus has begun to bustle. According to the representative of Vinh Niem Bus Station, the unit had reviewed the vehicles registered to operate at the bus stations managed by the company to ensure sufficient quantity, technical standards, and quality and to meet the people's travel needs.

Hai Phong station also welcomed a large number of visitors to the city. Proactively serving passengers during the holiday season, which is expected to increase three times compared to regular, Hai Phong Railway Transport Branch has developed a plan to increase flights to serve throughout the holiday period.

According to transport businesses, the number of passengers will increase from yesterday afternoon, today, and the last day of the holiday on the major routes of Hai Phong–Hanoi and neighboring localities. With the sharp increase in non-traditional forms of passenger transport and private vehicles, the number of passengers at bus stations is stable, and there is no congestion.

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