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Thursday, March 23 2023    |    Vietnamese

3 No’s relic site along Bach Dang River
This year's holiday, many people choose scenic spots and spiritual sites to sightsee, worship, and remember national heroes instead of tourist hubs. In particular, the Bach Dang River relic area has been one of the popular destinations for people to enjoy the pure and sacred atmosphere amidst a beautiful natural landscape.


The Bach Dang River relic site has been a people’s favorite for many years because of its charming scenery and the cultural/historical vestiges filled with spiritual elements. Along with offering incense and remembering national heroes, visitors can enjoy the captivating landscape of mountains and water.

Bach Dang Giang relic is located in Trang Kenh relic and a long Bach Dang river known as the "3 No’s" relics: No fee, no waste, and no shop. The principle helps Bach Dang Giang’s images leave good impressions on tourists.

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