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Thursday, March 23 2023    |    Vietnamese

Preparations to operate the smart adhesive tape and solution manufacturing factory
The Thang Long - Tesa Site Project in Hai Phong City has accelerated its progress to take advantage of the city's priority and create conditions for high-quality FDI projects. The first smart tape and adhesive manufacturing unit built in Hai Phong City is fundamentally finished and ready to operate. 

Thăng Long - Tesa Site Hải Phòng


Last February, the Tesa Site Hai Phong factory started its construction, to build a factory with an area of 70 thousand m2, of which a total floor area is 25 thousand m2, situated in the DEEP C Haiphong Industrial Park with a total investment capital of 55 million euros. The factory has two adhesive coating lines that play a crucial role in producing double-sided technical adhesive tapes.

To ensure the construction progress, the equipment and machinery arriving at the construction site are being inspected and installed with urgency. When put into operation, the conveyor belt’s capacity, when running 24/7, is 55 million m2 of technical adhesive tape per year. Since the goal is to increase production and supply capacity for Asian clients–one of the fastest-growing markets these days, investing in Hai Phong City was considered the right direction for the company, thanks to the city’s constant support.

For 2025, the factory expects to run at a capacity of up to 14 million m2 of technical adhesive tape per year and will need 135 staff members to operate and manage the manufacturing plant. The Thang Long - Tesa Site Hai Phong project was implemented quickly despite the COVID-19 pandemic, demonstrating the City's efforts in accompanying enterprises and creating favorable conditions for high-tech industrial investors to putting capital in the city.

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