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Hai Phong City To Connect Local Businesses to China and India
Hai Phong City's Department of Commerce and Trade, Business Associations, and the business community in trade, commerce, import/export, and service have been informed about the connection program for cooperation with Chinese and Indian businesses, expected to take place on November 17th in Hai Phong City. 

The program aims to introduce local products and manufacturing facilities of the city's businesses to Chinese and Indian partners via foreign distributors and entrepreneurs, promoting commercial activities among the countries, thus boosting exportation in Hai Phong City. 

The program will present Haiphong businesses to the Vietnamese agencies of Commercial Affairs in China and India to help the entrepreneurs have a firmer grasp on the targeted markets as well as the city’s products and make connections with companies that want to offer. 

The event will also help introduce distributors to providers of logistics services (ship owners, agencies, storage lenders, seaports, and delivery services) with the purpose of facilitating the development of logistics services in Hai Phong City particularly and in Vietnam generally. 

By that principle, the organizing committee will provide a convention venue for businesses to introduce their products and services. There will be space for developing bilateral cooperation and schedules for visits to Hai Phong City's manufacturing facilities./.

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