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Hai Phong City In The Lead In Terms Of Investment Attraction
Having determined that domestic and foreign investment is a crucial resource for the city’s development, Hai Phong City has been fixated on directing, operating, and innovating promotions and mechanisms to pique investors’ interest. Thus, the city managed to exceed the entire year’s target only nine months in. 

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This September saw an important highlight in Hai Phong City’s activities to attract investment from a plethora of companies, corporations, and multinational businesses with a capital of more than USD 1,4 billion, putting the city at the top of the national ranking with a total of over USD 3 billion in terms of investment attraction during the first nine months of 2023.

With one economic zone spanning 22,500 hectares and 14 industrial zones taking up 6,100 hectares with an area occupation rate of 63,5%. The industrial and economic zones’ accumulative amassed USD 39 billion, ranking 6th in the country and 2nd in the Northern region. The economic and industrial zones made USD 19,9 billion in revenue and 14,6 billion in export overturn, contributing VND 8,7 trillion to the State budget. The result was thanks to the Board of Haiphong Economic Zone Authority’s (HEZA) efforts to promote the city’s investment environment and their efficient realization policies, directions from the city People’s Committee and Party Committee, helping improve the investment and business background.


The groundbreaking result in attracting investment in the last nine months exceeded the goal four months in advance, showing proof of great determination to draw in foreign investment, establish a capital for developing the port city, and contribute to completing Politburo’s Decision No. 45. The encouraging achievement was in time to celebrate 30 years of attracting FDI into Hai Phong City’s economic and industrial zones./.

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