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TC-HICT–A Pioneer In The Field Of Seaport
In 2023, recession and difficulties have impacted many sectors of the economy heavily, including commodity transportation. Demand for export goods decreased. Many major economies and important export trade partners of Vietnam have slowed growth, and competition in seaport services has become increasingly fierce, forcing TC-HICT to have flexible solutions, especially to take care of customers and improve exploitation efficiency.

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Tan Cang–Haiphong International Container Terminal (TC-HICT) welcomed the first ship arriving at the port in May 2018. Since then, TC-HICT has constantly been growing and developing rapidly. The port receives 15 weekly service lines, including seven service transpacific routes direct to the US, three Indian service routes, and other Inner Asia service routes. With the synchronous investment of modern facilities and equipment, the port’s systems feature many technology advances, which has helped TC-HICT quickly rise to the top, becoming the leading port in Hai Phong City in terms of cargo throughput, accounting for 19% of the market share of ports in Hai Phong City.

In 2023, the Port broke operating records twice in May for receiving 62 ships moving in and out of the port and in July for productivity of 126 moves/hour, exceeding the average productivity of 120 moves/hour. In October, the output throughput of the Port reached 145,510 TEU, exceeding the designed capacity, increasing 33% compared to the expected plan and being the highest output in 1 month since its first operation. 2023 is also the second consecutive year TC-HICT has welcomed 1 million TEUs through the port and reached a total throughput exceeding the design capacity of 1,100,000 TEU/year./.

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