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Reinforcing Trade Promotion Activities As End Of Year Nears
The final three months of the year are when businesses speed up production and business activities, determined to complete the yearly plan. Hai Phong City’s Department of Industry and Trade is actively implementing solutions to support businesses with enhanced trade promotion activities.


The Vietnam-South Korea Trade Fair opened a series of trade promotion events in the city in early September, with hundreds of Vietnamese and South Korean booths bringing exciting shopping experiences for consumers. The Red River Delta Industry and Trade Fair 2023 in Hai Phong City has just ended with many effective trade connections between provinces and cities, stimulating the consumption of goods at the end of the year. These are two among many domestic trade promotion activities implemented recently by the city’s Department of Industry and Trade.

Not only inter-regional domestic fairs and national trade promotion programs, but many international trade promotion conferences have been organized, such as connecting with the Coppel Mexico retail group market and connecting trade activities between Hai Phong City with Chinese, Indian, and South African businesses.

2023 is considered a year full of difficulties for the general economy. However, solutions to promote trade and connect domestic and foreign markets have brought many positive effects. Hai Phong Promotion Month 2023 and other trade promotion activities are continuing to be implemented to stabilize the market and stimulate consumer demand at the end of the year, contributing to the city's economic growth./.

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