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Hai Phong City Develops Digital Banking Services
The general trend in the banking industry is the shift from traditional banking product and service distribution channels to digital channels, helping to interact more and more effectively with customers. Agribank has proactively diversified and improved the quality of products and services on a modern information technology platform, meeting the increasing demand of customers. 

Phòng giao dịch Ngân hàng Chính sách xã hội quận Kiến An triển khai dịch vụ Mobile Smart Banking:


The bank has expanded card services on the Agribank E-Mobile Banking mobile application at a high speed, successfully deploying many new products, functions, and utilities in the banking card sector. The development of e-banking helps many banks save costs and increase competitiveness, helping customers who use banking services feel more convenient, safe, and cost-saving, making full use of the financing and support for online business development features.

Consumer habits are changing towards faster and more convenient solutions in all fields, which has also helped Agribank’s Thuy Nguyen branch develop e-banking services strongly. Agribank also offers many accompanying products to minimize risks for customers, including account security products./.

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