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Facilitating Immigration, Import, And Export By Air
In the context of international aviation activities gradually recovering, international routes reopening, and import-export and immigration activities likely to increase at the end of the year, Hai Phong City’s Customs Department has proactively directed relevant units, arranged human resources, and deployed operations to ensure the smoothest and fastest handling of import-export procedures, international flights, and passengers entering and exiting the country. 

Tăng cường công tác chống buôn lậu, gian lận thương mại, vận chuyển trái phép hàng hóa qua Cảng hàng không quốc tế


The flight VJ 925, departing from Incheon (South Korea) to Hai Phong City (Vietnam), carried more than 180 passengers. All passengers' baggage is put on the conveyor belt using a specialized scanner for inspection. To quickly release goods and luggage for passengers, officers of the Customs Operations Team at Cat Bi International Airport are always on duty, applying modern customs management measures to facilitate the entry and exit of passengers and goods.

Thanks to the proactively deployed professional measures, including early and remote information lookups, the international airport customs team has performed their inspections well while saving time for people and goods going through the airport.

The Cat Bi International Airport customs team is assigned to carry out procedures for aircraft and luggage entering and exiting, importing and exporting goods, thus handling smuggling and trade frauds by air. /.

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