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Enhancing Urban Embellishment
At the 13th working session, the 16th Hai Phong City Peoples Council discussed and made decisions on various issues affecting residents lives. Specifically, the City Peoples Council urged the City Peoples Committee to enhance urban embellishment on numerous roads in the Hong Bang District.
Thành lập Ban Chỉ đạo quản lý, chỉnh trang đô thị thành phố giai đoạn 2021  – 2025


Recently, the city has focused on investing in embellishing the city center strip, establishing a green axis throughout the city, and connecting projects synchronously. Hong Bang district, in particular, has consistently prioritized the embellishment and development of urban areas to create significant advancements and promote the core urban values, resulting in a more civilized and modern appearance. Over the past two years, Hong Bang district has collaborated with nine organizations and businesses to maintain lighting for projects and upgrade and renovate nearly 300 roads and alleys with a length of more than 22 km. This effort has created a bright, green, clean, and beautiful urban living space. According to the plan, the city will renovate multiple streets in the central wards of Hong Bang district, including enhancing sidewalks on routes such as Nguyen Tri Phuong - Hoang Dieu, Tran Quang Khai, Dien Bien Phu, Le Dai Hanh, Ly Tu Trong, Minh Khai, Ho Xuan Huong, Bach Dang, and Cu Chinh Lan./.

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