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Thursday, March 23 2023    |    Vietnamese

Development of E-port App to Facilitate Import and Export Businesses
Strengthening digital transformation, applying advanced technological applications, and the early operation of electronic port software (e-port) towards smart port development have brought practical effects to businesses and customers, contributing to increasing the efficiency of seaport operations.

Triển khai các giải pháp tháo gỡ khó khăn, vướng mắc và khôi phục chuỗi cung ứng xuất khẩu hàng hóa của thành phố


In less than five minutes, Mr. Bui Van Thang completed the procedures to bring the vehicle into the port to pick up goods. As a transport driver for many years,  more than anyone else, he feels most clearly the changes and benefits from the electronicization of seaport services. VIP Green Port Joint Stock Company is one of the pioneers, deploying e-port in the Haiphong area, with the total number of electronic transactions accounting for about 80% of retail customers. This percentage continues to tend to increase. Only about 20% of transactions maintain their old form, with paper documents and procedures related to red or yellow channel customs declarations.

With this electronic port software, after receiving orders from shipping companies, customers can carry out such procedures as payment, registration for quarantine, inspection, etc., via e-port. In addition, the software also supports management and supervision, thereby improving loading and unloading capacity, ensuring a smooth port operation process, and facilitating import and export activities. Currently, VIP Greenport, as well as other major ports in Hai Phong City, are researching to develop a port application to further save time for vehicles to check in and out of the port./.

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