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Developing High-Quality Human Resources
Hai Phong City aims to develop 15 industrial parks covering an area of over 6,200 hectares from 2020 to 2025, gearing up to attract waves of investments. The target also implies a significant surge in labor demand, particularly among high-skilled workers. Therefore, the city proactively prepares abundant labor resources to meet development needs in the coming time.
Triển khai đẩy mạnh phát triển nhân lực có kỹ năng nghề


Last November, the "Matching Your Future - Connecting High-Tech Talents from Taiwan (China) to Vietnam" program was collaboratively organized for the first time by the Hai Phong Economic Zone Authority (HEZA) in collaboration with the Southeast Influence Alliance Asia (SIA) organization. The event successfully drew the participation of hundreds of students specializing in electricity, electronics, and high technology who were keen on exploring job opportunities. Many experts and representatives from universities, colleges, vocational training institutions, industrial park infrastructure companies, and high-tech enterprises also took part in the event.

Previously, in May last year, Hai Phong Economic Zone Authority collaborated with Hanoi University of Science and Technology for the first time to organize a signing and connection program with businesses in industrial parks and economic zones to enhance support for businesses by facilitating connections and providing training for high-quality human resources, particularly in the fields of electricity, electronics, and logistics. These events are not only an opportunity to connect high-tech businesses with high-quality human resources in Vietnam but also show the initiative of the city and the Economic Zone Authority coping with economic development trends, taking the lead in key manufacturing fields such as electronics, high technology, semiconductor industry, etc. 

With the strong investment capital flows from high-tech enterprises in the future, the challenge lies in effectively developing the quantity and quality of skilled laborers to meet the investors’ demand. The issue has received special attention from the city’s authorities at all levels, and several efforts and comprehensive solutions have been put into action. The initiatives include establishing a labor exchange platform, fostering collaboration with universities, colleges, and vocational training centers as well as businesses, and modernizing training and vocational facilities to enhance skill development. At the same time, the city also invests in infrastructure and develops social housing to attract quality labor from other provinces to reside and work in the city./.

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