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Thursday, March 23 2023    |    Vietnamese

Site Clearance Of Nguyen Trai Bridge Construction Investment Project
In addition to accelerating the progress of site clearance of the investment project to build a resettlement and urban embellishment area at Lane 226 Le Lai and the Social Housing Project at Lac Vien Depot No. 3 in Ngo Quyen District is also implementing site clearance for the Component 2 Project - Land Acquisition to implement the Nguyen Trai Bridge Construction Investment Project and urban embellishment of the surrounding area.

Đẩy nhanh tiến độ giải phóng mặt bằng thực hiện Dự án đầu tư xây dựng cầu Nguyễn Trãi và chỉnh trang đô thị vùng phụ cận


The Component 2 Project – Land Acquisition to implement the investment project to build the Nguyen Trai bridge and urban embellishment surrounding Ngo Quyen district covers an area of 54.3 hectares, involving 143 households and 33 organizations in May To and May Chai wards. In particular, the district’s authorities are realizing land clearance of 131 households and 20 organizations in the May To ward. Up to now, land clearance for two organizations and two households has been done, and compensation and support plans for the remaining 129 households and 17 organizations have been released.

For the project to proceed smoothly, local authorities promote propaganda, dialogue, and grasp people's thoughts and aspirations to resolve promptly, following regulations, and creating high consensus among the people.

The project aims to connect the existing urban area with the new Bac Song Cam (Cam River’s North) urban area, as well as the major industrial zones, creating conditions to attract FDI capital and promoting the socio-economic development of Thuy Nguyen district, Hai Phong City, and neighboring provinces and localities.

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