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Thursday, March 23 2023    |    Vietnamese

Performance Of Regulations On Environmental Protection Supervised
On September 20th morning, Hai Phong City People's Council's specialized supervision team, led by Mr. Bui Duc Quang, Vice Chairman of the City People's Council, conducted a field survey and worked with the People's Committee of Thuy Nguyen district and My Dong Mechanical Casting Craft Village on the performance of legal regulations on environmental protection.


The inspection shows that several businesses, organizations, and individuals engaged in production and business activities have yet to treat wastewater thoroughly, or the wastewater treatment system has not been thoroughly discharged into receiving sources, affecting the environment. Some craft villages, such as the mechanical casting village of My Dong commune, are still located in residential areas and have yet to invest in a centralized wastewater treatment system, which is at high risk of environmental pollution.

Mr. Bui Duc Quang, Vice Chairman of Hai Phong People's Council, emphasized that although the legal regulations on environmental protection are a matter of concern of the district. However, as a vibrant development area, the risk of environmental pollution is very high. All localities need to raise awareness about implementing legal regulations on environmental protection, especially in areas prone to contamination. As regards the water resources of rivers that provide fresh water, there need to be solutions to treat pollution in My Dong craft village. It needs to pay attention to collecting, classifying, and treating waste. He also requested specialized agencies to grasp the recommendations from the district, departments, and committees to report them to the Council./.

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