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Thursday, March 23 2023    |    Vietnamese

Opening Ceremony Of Do Son Hot Air Balloon Festival 2023
The Opening Ceremony of the Do Son Hot Air Balloon Festival 2023 took place on September 15th morning at Dam Vuong Park, Do Son district. This is the first time Hai Phong City gets to experience the activity. 

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Do Son Hot Air Balloon Festival 2023 is expected to use more than 20 hot air balloons and ground balloons to serve tourists and the public, including 3–4 level 7 colorful hot air balloons, one giant level 9 hot air balloon, 10 level 1 hot air balloons, and 4–6 ground balloons. At the same time, 30 conductors and hot air balloon technicians from the Vietnam Hot Air Balloon Club have been mobilized to participate in the festival. The highlight of "Do Son Hot Air Balloon Festival 2023" is the free flight of 1–2 level 7 hot air balloons. The hot air balloons will fly from Dam Vuong Park across the top of Dragon Hill, Tuong Long Pagoda, Van Uc gate, Mac Dynasty relics, and many other locations. In particular, visitors will have the opportunity to enjoy the Hot Air Balloon Lantern Night program with interesting light effects when the fire is blown into the body of the hot air balloon, creating giant glowing lanterns. 

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