Thời gian: 27/12/2012 00:48

Haiphong city to develop toward 3 strategic directions

Haiphong city to develop toward 3 strategic directions

With great potentials and advantages, Haiphong has been recognized as a first-class city at national level; however, it is currently facing many challenges in urban development.

Since the Amendment of Haiphong Construction Master Plan to 2025 and vision to 2050 was approved by the Prime Minister, Haiphong has completed many key infrastructure projects such as Binh Bridge, Rao Bridge No.2, Nga 5 – Cat Bi Airport New Urban Area…

Some other significant infrastructure projects are also in progress of construction, including Hanoi – Haiphong Expressway, Tan Vu – Lach Huyen Highway, Haiphong International Gateway Port…

Haiphong urban view has been changed; the urban scale, technical infrastructure and social infrastructure have been step by step improved. In the coming time, Haiphong will carry out urban development toward 3 directions as follows:

First direction is to develop toward Dinh Vu – Cat Hai in order to create a turning-point in development of seaport, logistic services, industry and tourism.

Second direction is to develop township along Cam river banks along with the city’s political and administrative center in order to comprehensively improve the urban view which represents Haiphong urban characteristics.

Third direction is to develop township along Lach Tray river banks and in Do Son in order to make a watershed in shaping view of an eco-city.

Besides, the city pays special attention to develop urban greenery, public transport, and land for transport...; focuses on setting up and implementing zoning plans under Dinh Vu – Cat Hai Economic Zone Master Plan, and specific plans for water supply, drainage, water source protection, cemeteries, park and greenery system, and lighting system...

In addition, the city also concentrates on planning a synchronous transport system by road, railway, sea and waterway in order to create links for regional and international connection. Especially, Haiphong will cooperate with international organizations to form up maritime space, coastal zones, and preparedness for climate change and sea level rise.