Thời gian: 18/08/2014 17:38

Nomura Industrial Park attracted nearly USD 1 billion in FDI

Nomura Industrial Park attracted nearly USD 1 billion in FDI

Recently, Nomura-Haiphong Industrial Zone Development Corporation (NHIZ) has organized its 20th founding anniversary. Mr Sumino - Chairman of the Members' Council of NHIZ said Nomura is the first foreign-invested industrial park and also the first industrial park invested by Japanese capital in Haiphong with high standardized infrastructure and advanced technology.

By now, the industrial park has been fully occupied with 55 enterprises including 48 Japanese companies. With nearly USD 1 billion poured by enterprises, Nomura has generated jobs for 26,000 labors and contributed USD 15.96 million to the city’s budget in 2013. The industrial park is mainly engaged in machinery manufacturing, precision engineering, component manufacturing, automobile and motorcycle spare parts, electric and electronic components, etc.

Notably, no cases of trades or enterprises in the industrial park have been found to carry a hidden risk of environment pollution. Nomura has become one of the country's successful industrial zones, the vivid model of partnership between Haiphong city and Japanese partners.

On this occasion, NHIZ was conferred the Third-class Labor Medal by the State and a canopy by Haiphong People's Committee for its excellent achievements.

On its side, NHIZ also supports 3 communes adjacent to Nomura - Haiphong Industrial Park, including An Hung, An Hong and Tan Tien with an amount of VND 50 million for each in support of the Program of New Countryside Building.