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Nomura - Haiphong Industrial Zone

Nomura - Haiphong Industrial Zone

Brief introduction to the industrial zone with following details:

Location: An Duong District, Hai Phong City


Nomura - Hai Phong Industrial Zone Development Corporation (NHIZ) Address: Management Building Nomura - Hai Phong Industrial Zone, An Duong District, Hai Phong City, Vietnam

Tel: 031.743026 - 743027; Fax: 031.743613


President: Mr. Tetsushi Inomae

Date of Establishment:

December 23rd 1994

Total Investment Capital:

137,104,321 USD

Partners to the Joint Venture:

+ Hai Phong Industrial Zone Development Company (Viet Nam)

+ JAFCO Investment (Asia Pacific) Ltd, Japan

Investment location:

An Duong District, Hai Phong City, Vietnam

Total development area:


Operation duration:

50 years

Distance to main economic and transportation hubs in the region:

  • 15 km from Hai Phong Ports.
  • 20 km from Cat Bi Airport.
  • 85 km East of Ha Noi.
  • Adjacent to Highway No.5, (Linking NHIZ to Hai Phong Port, Hai Duong, Hung Yen, Ha Noi).
  • Nearby Highway No.10 and No.18 (Linking NHIZ to Cai Lan Port and other localities in Vietnam).


  • Internal roads consists of main road system (30 width) and sub-road system (20 m width), which facilitate the convenient and smooth transportation inside NHIZ.
  • External road system: Highway No.5 and Highway No.10, which are adjacent to NHIZ will make easy access to key international sea ports, airport, Ha Noi capital and other localities in North Vietnam.
  • Power supply: The tenants are provided with high quality and uninterrupted power by the 50 MW independent power plant inside NHIZ.
  • Water supply: The water supply facility of NHIZ with capacity of 13,500m3/day.
  • Waste water treatment plant: Advanced equipment and using biological treatment method with the capacity of 10,800m3/day.
  • Ready-built factories: Consist of four 04-storey blocks and two 02-strorey blocks. NHIZ's ready-built factories are fully fitted with air-conditioning, ventilation and lighting system, which facilitate the tenants to have quick start-up and cost-efficient operation.
  • Telecommunication: Phase 1: 1.000 lines; Phase 2: 2.000 lines.

Supporting amenities:

Onsite Post-Office, Custom Office, Bank and Clinic.

Targeted industries:

High-tech, precision metal processing, electrical and electronic products, informatics and telecommunication equipment, machining, plastic moulding products, high quality home appliances, automobile parts.

Land rental price: 30 - 60 USD/m2 for leasing period until December 23rd 2003 (Exact price will be subject to land plot location and type of industries invested by tenants).

Utilities fee charges:




+ High voltage (22 KV)

+ Low voltage (380 V)

0.09 USD/Kwh

0.012 USD/Kwh

Connection fee

At actual cost


0.28 USD/m3

Waste water treatment

0.26 USD/m3 (Calculation method: 80% of consumed water volume)








Maintenance fee (Maintenance charge shall be used for the maintenance and management of common facilities such as: Road system, rainwater drainage facilities, fire hydrants, gates, fence and bridge of the industrial zone)

0.479 USD/m2/year

Service fee (Service charge shall be used for general security of industrial zone, operation of facilities for water supply, cleaning of the common facilities, gardening and the maintenance of the street light).

0.406 USD/ m2/year


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