Thời gian: 17/10/2012 00:11

Master Plan to develop Dinh Vu – Cat Hai EZ

Master Plan to develop Dinh Vu – Cat Hai EZ


The Prime Minister recently approved the Master Plan for construction of Dinh Vu – Cat Hai Economic Zone, Haiphong city up to 2025 with total planned area of 22,140 ha.

Dinh Vu – Cat Hai Economic Zone is a general economic zone which functions to serve the socio-economic development of Haiphong city and the Northern coastal area.

The economic zone is identified as a multifunctional and multisectoral marine economic centers of the Northern coastal area and the whole country, focusing on developing marine economy (of which port service development takes the core) andbeing an industrial, financial service, banking, tourism and trade center.

Dinh Vu – Cat Hai Economic Zone includes communes in Ben Rung area of Thuy Nguyen district (i.e., Trung Ha, ThuyTrieu, An Lu, Ngu Lao, Phuc Le, Pha Le, Lap Le and Tam Hung communes, anda part of Tan Duong, Thuy Son, Duong Quan and Thuy Duong communes within the planned boundary of VSIP HaiPhong Integrated Township and Industrial Park); the whole Vu Yen island; Trang Cat ward, Hai An district; Dinh Vu archipelago, Hai An district; the Cat Hai island with Van Phong, Hoang Chau, Nghia Lo, Dong Bai communes and Cat Hai town, Cat Hai district.

Population scale of the economic zone is 106,823 people in 2010, and will increase by and estimated 310,000 people in 2025.

The economic zone has 2 main functional zones, i.e., non-tariff zone and tariff zone.

The non-tariff zone coveringan area of 1,258 ha is located in Nam Dinh Vu area (448 ha) and LachHuyen port area (810 ha) with key sub-functions including: export-processing, logistic, promotion, exhibition, services, management, custom, national defense and security.

Tariff zone covering an area of 12,532 ha consists of sub-functional zones, such as: port system, industrial zones, public service centers, specialized centers…

The port system covering an area of 1,046 ha includes: 640-ha Haiphong international gateway port (LachHuyen port), 251-ha Dinh Vu port, 144-ha Nam Dinh Vu port, and 11-ha Cat Hai port (fishing port).