Thời gian: 08/07/2022 19:56

Nearly 55 thousand enterprises participate in national “single door” mechanism

To mid June 2022, Vietnam has nearly 55 thousand enterprises participating in the national “single door” mechanism. In the first months of the year, the General Derpartment of Vietnam Customs has constaintly  directed and closely collaborated with relevant ministries and branches to apply the master plan of deploying national “single door” mechanism, ASEAN single-door mechanism and creat favorable conditions for commerce.

Currently, there are 249 administrative formalities of 13 ministries and branches connected with the national single door mechanism, with a total of over 4.92 millio n dossiers of nearly 55 enterprises. Along with connecting with partners in ASEAN, the General department of Vietnam Customs has also consulted with the National Steering Committee to connect with other partners outside ASEAN including  Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU), C/O information exchange with the South Korea. Besides, in the first six months of 2022, the General Department of Vietnam Customs actively discussed and set up the government’s Decree  on connecting and sharing information among the central government’s agencies with relevant  parties through the national single door mechanism in terms of import and export, setting up the master plan of building and developing IT system to serve the deployment of national single door mechanism and ASEAN single door meachansim. /.