Thời gian: 09/07/2022 08:04

Helping people and enterprises hard hit by Covid-19

Since the start of the year, the State Bank, Haiphong branch has directed its credit organizations in the city to deploy measures of controlling credit attached to improving credit quality, focus on credit resources for business and production activities and preferential fields in line with the central government’s guideline.

In the past times, banks have stimulated loans in fields of high-tech industry, sea-island – logistics, tourism and commerce; closely controlled credit in high-risk fields like real estate, stock, BOT project, traffic, strengthened risk management to loans for living demands and consumption. To the end of June 2022,  surplus debt in the city reached over Vnd 170,500 billion, up by 8.4% compared to the same period last year.

As the Covid-19 pandemic has effectively been controlled, Haiphong Banking sector has continued to deploy measures to support and resolve difficulties for customers hard-hit by the pandemic. Banks have also restructured payment dead-line and maintained non performing  loans for nearly 5.500 customers with surplus debt of VND 2,123 billion, exempted, cut or reduced interest rate for 21.000 customers who are affected by the Covid-19 with the total surplus debt of over Vnd 40,300 billion and applied preferential interest rates for more than 6.000 customers./.