Thời gian: 10/07/2022 08:14

Hai Phong participates in exhibition "Vietnamese Cultural Heritage

On the evening of July, in Hoi An ancient town, the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism  coordinated with the People's Committee of Quang Nam province to open the exhibition "Vietnamese Cultural Heritage Space" with the participation of nearly 30 provinces and cities across the country.  This is a large-scale event to celebrate the Quang Nam National Tourism Year 2022. Hai Phong City participates in this event with  fascinating activities, attracting many tourists.

The exhibition " Vietnam Cultural Heritage Space " is taking place from July 8 to 13 with the participation of 25 provinces and cities and 100 handicraft products.  It focuses on introducing cultural and natural heritages , typical local landmarks , favorite tourist destinations,  introducing the characteristics of community activities;  promoting the potential of ecotourism , sustainable tourism , typical traditional handicraft products , culinary arts and local products. At the exhibition, stands of Hai Phong city introduce cultural heritages, historical sites, typical relic sites of the city, some sculptures of the Dong Minh Sculpture Craft Village, Bao Ha village water puppetry in Dong Minh commune, Vinh Bao district, products such as Cat Hai fish sauce , Cat Ba forest honey , Nếp Cái Hoa Vàng sticky rice , Kiến Quốc rice,  Núi Ngọc tea , Cordyceps mushroom .... Visitors can also enjoy some dishes such as bánh đa cua , chả chìa , dừa dầm ... , or participate in puppet shows.

Participating in the exhibition "Vietnamese Cultural Heritage Space" in Quang Nam is a practical activity of Hai Phong city, contributing to the introduction, promotion of unique cultural and natural values ​​of Hai Phong to people nationwide and international friends , expressing the aspiration to build Hai Phong into a green, modern and civilized port city which is rich in national cultural identities.