Thời gian: 08/07/2022 19:58

Completing site clearance for Bac Dong Cam New urban area project

The technical infrastructure investment and construction project for Bac Song Cam new urban area is a key project of the city in period  2016 - 2025. At this time, Thuy Nguyen district is focusing on revoking land of the remaining households and try to finish this work before July 15.                          

The project was approved by the Prime Minister in decision No. 1131 dated June 24, 2016. The total land use area is 324 hectares, involving Thuy Nguyen, Hong Bang and Ngo Quyen district. The total area that needs to be revoked in Thuy Nguyen district is 306 hectares. Since the start of the project site clearance, Thuy Nguyen district has applied properly, fully the legal regimes of compensation and support for households. Notably, since 2020, the district has concentrated on site clearance for 1,300 households with residential land and works on land. Since the start of the year, the district has organized 4 land acquisitions, 1,400 resettlement land plots have been arranged for households. In order to fully complete the site clearance, Thuy Nguyen district is completing the procedures and deploying administrative coercion to recover land in accordance with the law.