Thời gian: 20/12/2012 22:08

Haiphong to introduce national vestige Nghe Temple in Tourism Year 2013

Haiphong to introduce national vestige Nghe Temple in Tourism Year 2013

One of destinations which were recently surveyed for forming up tours to introduce in the National Tourism Year 2013 is Nghe Temple, a typical place for spiritual and cultural tourism in Haiphong city, and a favorite spot of many visitors.

Coming to Nghe Temple, a historical and cultural vestige where worships Lady General Le Chan, visitors can find out information on the land and people of Haiphong couplingwith the name of a talent general of the Two Trung Sisters’ Insurrection in the first century (40-43 AD).

The temple is located in the city center, on Le Chan road, An Bien ward, Le Chan district. Initially, it was just a small thatched temple. Until 1919, it was built more spaciously.

The temple demonstrates architecture of Nguyen Dynasty in early 20th century which attracts visitors by the art of wood and stone carving with themes of “dragon, kylin, tortoise, phoenix”, “pine-tree, daisy, ivory bamboo, yellow apricot”… Those themes were carved using different techniques, i.e., sculpture, altorelievo, and intaglio, which showed sophistical skills of craftsmen at that time.

Coming to the temple, visitors have chance to learn about 2 unique relics, viz. stone gong and stone bed. Also, the temple has conserved a large-sized stone stele carved under Nguyen Dynasty recording biography of Lady General Le Chan.