Trang Kenh historical relics – the highlighted spiritual tourism resort of the portal city

Thời gian 15/02/2017 11:11
About 20 km away from Hai Phong downtown on the North-East, Trang Kenh (belong to Thuy Nguyen district), is a historical and cultural rich destination, a landscape which was created by a system of limestone mountains, caves and rivers that has been classified as the national historical, cultural and scenic relics in 1962.

Amazing sights of Do Son tourism – Haiphong

Thời gian 01/06/2015 17:50
Being famous for beautiful beaches, on these days, Do Son is captivating everybody’s hearts with the cool wind, the salty smell of the sea, and the outpouring of waves.

Haiphong to introduce national vestige Nghe Temple in Tourism Year 2013

Thời gian 20/12/2012 15:08
One of destinations which were recently surveyed for forming up tours to introduce in the National Tourism Year 2013 is Nghe Temple, a typical place for spiritual and cultural tourism in Haiphong city, and a favorite spot of many visitors.

The papers to UNESCO for recognizing Cat Ba - Long Chau Island as a world's natural heritage passed

Thời gian 18/09/2012 11:06
The National HeritageCouncilof27members has recently metwiththeVietnamUNESCOCommitteeandPeople's CommitteeofHai Phong cityto review  papers submitted to UNESCO for recognizing Cat Ba -LongChauIslandasaworld's natural heritage

Unnumbered wharf at Zone 3, Do Son, Haiphong

Thời gian 07/09/2012 14:20
The Unnumbered wharf (today’s Ben Nghieng - Slope wharf) is located right at the Van Hoa (Multi-flower) foothill next to a green valley where a 100 room hotel has been built and under operation by Do Son International Tourism Company. The wharf’s vestiges are now few concrete columns. It was built and kept under a strict confidentiality in which the unnumbered ships carrying weapons used to depart for the South.

Soil firecrackers shooting competition in Vinh Bao

Thời gian 07/10/2011 21:43
Coming to Vinh Bao in autumn, you will see a traditional village festival - the soil firecrackers shooting competition. Legend has it that, the first competition was organized in mid-1st century A.D. Vinh Bao soil firecrackers consist of two types, i.e. tossing firecracker and slapping firecracker (which is longer than tossing one).

Sacred temple by Van Uc river

Thời gian 07/10/2011 00:00
Gam temple - the temple by Van Uc river - is one of meaningful destinations for many tourists when coming to Haiphong. Being situated in Cam Khe village, Toan Thang commune, Tien Lang district, Gam temple is an ancient architectural work built by Cam Khe villagers. This is a venue to worship and commemorate commander Ngo Ly Tin, a skillful general and talent scholar in the Ly dynasty (1010 - 1226). During the earliest time, Gam temple was an important relic possessing a true human value bequeathed by history, an artistic architecture and close with the spiritual life of not only Toan Thang and Tien Lang residents.

Tat Giang Festival (Festival of Dum Singing on River)

Thời gian 07/10/2011 00:00
Being formed and developed in an ancient historical land where purely Vietnamese cultures like Trang Kenh pottery, Viet Khe bronze, etc… gathered together, “dum” singing has once been inherent in everyday life of Thuy Nguyen residents and a popular cultural activity in this coastal land.

Viet Hai tourist village

Thời gian 26/09/2011 18:03
Viet Hai tourist village is located in the mid-ocean, covered by high mountains and copsewood of Cat Ba National Park, Cat Hai district, Haiphong. While very few domestic visitors set foot on here, Viet Hai is an attractive destination of many foreign tourists.

A tour to the Height 177 in Cat Ba

Thời gian 26/09/2011 17:52
“Grandiose!” is an usual exclamation of many visitors when coming to the Height 177 in Cat Ba, Haiphong, of which the main route is to visit the Cannon fort. Arriving in Cat Ba during this time, visitors are frequently reminded of the Height 177 where the nature, sky, ground and ocean are associated. Historical vestiges recorded that apart from the two cannons, there are also a complicated system of watch-tower, shelters and trench. Because of being built at the hill top, most of works here remain intact through wars and times.