Thời gian: 27/09/2010 15:54

Water Pupper Performance

Water Pupper Performance

Puppet-showroom in Nhan Hoa (Vinh Bao district) is erected at the middle of village's pond with bamboo screen in the front. Artists with poles for controlling the puppet soaking themselves in the water. These puppets are made of wood, oil-painted and have no real clothes. This oil-painting colour of the puppets once adjacent with the lithe water, under the light of fireworks, big fire-cracker, and sky-rocket sparkle becomes more and more glistening blending with water, and fire...

People stand around the pond applauding plays such as:

'Treu ong, ong dot' (Teasing bees, bit by bees); 'Mua rong' (Dragon performance); 'Choi Trau' (Buffalo fighting); 'Danh cao, Bat vit' (Beating foxes, catching ducks)... Among them, what people like most is 'Chu Teu' play... It is about a popular, quaint, joyful and friendly character representing life of the Vietnamese.

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