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Ben Ngu (Royal Berth)

Ben Ngu (Royal Berth)

Ben Ngu (Royal Berth) is an important end of Hoang Van Thu street at Hai Phong Post office. This is a place where Van Cao an exquisite talented musician was born and grown up.

Here, there is a wharf built in 1896. It is told that on May 1918, Khai Dinh King on his way of an inspection tour to the North through Hai Phong stopped over here. Since then it was called Ben Ngu. This is the place where Dumont Duyvin's Ship brought President Ho back home after his visit to France, docked in 20th October 1946. A solemn reception ceremony was held. During French resistance war time, this street witnessed many fierce fights.

There was a historic event in the French resistance war time that up till now many people have still kept in their mind. That was 20 November 1946, at Nha day thep house (now the City post office), our self-defense squads had been bravely fighting to drive back many attacking waves of the enemy.

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