Ben Ngu (Royal Berth)

Thời gian 27/09/2010 09:02
Ben Ngu (Royal Berth) is an important end of Hoang Van Thu street at Hai Phong Post office. This is a place where Van Cao an exquisite talented musician was born and grown up.

Royal dynasty of the Mac in Duong Kinh

Thời gian 27/09/2010 09:00
Legend has it that Mac Dang Dung was the 7th offspring of the first laureate Mac Dinh Chi. He was born in a poor fishing family in Co Trai village (1483-1541), Nghi Duong district (now Ngu Doan commune, Kien Thuy district). Grown-up, he followed military career.

Water Pupper Performance

Thời gian 27/09/2010 08:54
Puppet-showroom in Nhan Hoa (Vinh Bao district) is erected at the middle of village's pond with bamboo screen in the front. Artists with poles for controlling the puppet soaking themselves in the water. These puppets are made of wood, oil-painted and have no real clothes. This oil-painting colour of the puppets once adjacent with the lithe water, under the light of fireworks, big fire-cracker, and sky-rocket sparkle becomes more and more glistening blending with water, and fire...

Narcissus Competition Festival

Thời gian 27/09/2010 08:51
In the old days, every year on 8th, Lunar February (the birthday of Princess Le Chan), the people of Ven village (also known as An Bien's village) opened the Narcissus Competition festival at the temple yard. Narcissus was a kind of purely scented ivory-white flower. The most beautiful pots of Narcissus if in 'timely blossom' it was given the first prize called 'Nguyen Prize' (whole prize)

Hat Dum (Dum Singing Festival)

Thời gian 27/09/2010 00:00
Communes of Phuc Le and Pha Le (Thuy Nguyen district) are considered motherland of Hat Dum in Hai Phong. 'Hat Dum', i.e. folk songs simultaneously exchanged between two groups of singers - men and women, is very abundant in melody: Trong Quan (Army drum), Co La (waving stork), Sa mac (desert), Ly giao duyen.

Flower Shops

Thời gian 27/09/2010 00:00
Flower shops in the city center were built in late 1941 by Luciani - the city's Mayor who was responsible for designing and the Chief of Civil -Gochie for designing fine arts. Each flower shop is supported by 4 round wooden pillars and has a curved roof made of corbicula-shaped tiles harmoniously combining the Western and Eastern architecture styles.

Lap River - Tam Bac Lake

Thời gian 27/09/2010 00:00
Belonging to the former An Bien Commune, the lake is currently located in the center of the City. In 1885, the French colonialists widened and straightened Liem Khe rivulet in An Bien commune to 2,800m long, 74m wide and 7m deep to create a boundary canal separating Western community from Vietnamese community, Tam Bac River to Cam river were connected.

Hang Kenh - Communal House

Thời gian 27/09/2010 00:00
Hang Kenh Communal House (pseudonym was Nhan Tho or Flying Dragon communal house) and located on Nguyen Cong Tru street (under Trung Hanh hamlet, Former Hang Kenh commune). According to stele, this was built in 1717 (Mau Tuat lunar calendar), in Hang Kenh street.

Elephant Mountain

Thời gian 27/09/2010 00:00
Through Kien An district, visitors will see Mountain Elephant (An Lao district). Mountain Elephant looks like a huge elephant lying between paddy field and blue sky, with an area of more 1km2, 145m high reflected in Lach Tray river.

Do Son Resort

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With 2,450m of coast with full of fine sand, Do Son resort has been one of the national famous resorts for a long time.