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Do Son Industrial Zone

Do Son Industrial Zone

Brief introduction to the export processing zone with following details:


Do Son Industrial Zone Joint Venture Company

Address: 100 Van Cao, Ngo Quyen district, Hai Phong

Tel: 031.729760 - 729761;

Fax: 031.729774


General Director: Tran Quyen

Establishment date:

26 June1997

Total registered capital:


Joint Venture Partner:

  • Asia Glorious Development Company (Hong Kong)
  • Hai Phong Construction and Infrastructure Development Company

Place of investment:

Road 353, Kien Thuy, Do Son Town, Hai Phong

Total land area:



Internal roads:

  • Main roads 30m wide
  • Distributor roads 20m wide

Power supply system: planned to be connected with national power grid

  • Main power transformer station 75MVA
  • High voltage: 20KV
  • Low voltage: 380/220V

Water supply system (planned)

  • Capacity: 9,000 m3/day and night

Waster water treatment plan: (planned)

  • Capacity: 4,000 m3/day and night

Communication: (planned)

  • 1,000 telephone lines


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