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Bac Song Cam (North Cam River) Township project - Hai Phong

Bac Song Cam (North Cam River) Township project - Hai Phong

Bac Song Cam Township, Industrial Park and Service Centre is invested by Vietnam - Singapore Industrial Park and Urban Development Corporation with USD 1 billion, on an area of 1,600 hectares in several communes of Thuy Nguyen District along the north bank of Cam River. The project is the largest foreign investment ever in Haiphong. As planned, this will be a complex of township - industrial park- service centre. North Cam River township is on 1,770 ha area at two stages:

- Phase 1 on 1,445 ha

- Phase 2 on 325 ha.

The new urban area will be connected with many other major projects under construction in the area to create a completed and realistic modern town, in harmony with local natural landscape etc. According to the plan, Bac Song Cam township will be an administrative center and develop into a green town by promoting local natural waters and encouraging environment-friendly vehicles etc. This is a target of building Hai Phong to be a 1st class city of the national level. By 2050, Hai Phong will be of a special class and an international city. New Bac Song Cam Township (Phase 1) in planed on 3,030 ha, including land areas of Hoa Dong, Tan Yang, Yang Guan, An Lu, Trung Ha, Thuy Trieu communes and Vu Yen island.

Boundaries as follows:
* Neighbouring Nui Deo to the North
* Neighbouring Lap Le commune and Bach Dang River to the East.
* Neighbouring Cua Cam River to the South.
* Neighbouring Lam Dong commune to the West.
Population: expectedly 120,000 people.
The entire urban area is divided into 03 sections:
* Zone 1: Central city (425 ha).
* Zone 2: Metropolitan area (1,415ha).
* Zone 3: Entertainment and recreation Center (1,190 ha).
Expectedly, phase 1 will be completed in 2015.