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Phu Xa temple

Phu Xa temple

Phu Xa temple (located in Dong Hai ward, Hai An district, Haiphong city) worships Hung Dao Vuong Tran Quoc Tuan, a famous general of the Tran dynasty, who deserved great credits for the resistance war against Chinese Yuan aggressors in 13th century. The temple situated on an area of 5,515m2 in the centre of formerly Phu Xa village, now known as Phu Xa quarter, Dong Hai 1 ward, Hai An district, facing Bach Dang river.

Local legend has it that, Tran Quoc Tuan set up various granaries here to prepare for Bach Dang operation in 1288, and gave a feast to his credited troops before marching back to Van Kiep base.

Today, at the ancient temple’s location, the local inhabitants also worship a local woman named Bui Thi Tu Nhien, who was responsible for managing military provisions and providing ordnance for the formerly Tran dynasty military. Locally by word of mouth, when the aggressors were dispelled, Bui Thi Tu Nhien along with the local inhabitants intensified production and reconstructed the village. In the year of White metal monkey (1320), a Great Flood devastated the village, causing the inhabitants to evacuate to an interim habitat. When the flood went down, they returned home and restored the village. Bui Thi Tu Nhien mobilized people to repair the Tran Quoc Tuan worshipping temple. Phu Xa village was formerly named Phu Luong. Until King Tu Duc’s reign (1848-1882), in order to avoid taboo name of Bui Thi Tu Nhien’s husband, it was renamed Phu Xa. Originally, the small temple was built of bamboos and thatches; through many times of renovation and improvement, nowadays Phu Xa temple has become an imposing architectural work toward the style of “nội công, ngoại quốc” (horizontal H-shaped inner, square-shaped outer) with the assertively artistic decoration of engraving and embossment of the Nguyen dynasty at the end of 19th century and early 20th century. Currently, Phu Xa temple’s the “nội công, ngoại quốc” architecture is presented with the 5 front rooms in connection with the rear palace ect... In lunar January of White metal cat (2011), the Temple Management Board started another embellishment in the middle palace and the forbidden palace. This phase of embellishment will help making Phu Xa temple more spacious and imposing in order to meet the spiritual needs and believes of local inhabitants and visitors. Traditionally, on 20th August every lunar year, local inhabitants prepare offerings, instruments and ceremonial Sacred Tran and Ms. Bui Thi Tu Nhien in order to welcome people throughout the country to attend the ceremony. Phu Xa temple was recorded as a national relic in 1990./.

Translated by Luu Vu Quyen

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